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        800 Mini Wheel Loader-Wheel Loader-Jiangsu Shangqi Heavy Industry Technology CO.,LTD.

        800 Mini Wheel Loader

        • Introduce
        • Parameters
        • Dimensions


        1. Driven by four separated gerotor motors which can bring great gradeability and road adaptability.
        2. The dimension of machine is small and flexible. Height is under 1950mm and width is under 980mm, ground clearance is 180mm.
        3. Adopt forerunner foot valve, which can adjust the discharge capacity of main pump and control the forward and reverse of machine.
        4. Apply entire GRP on bonnet, which owns character of beautiful appearance and easy maintains.
        5. Rapid change of variety attachments.

        Provide numerous optional attachments, which allows users to meet the requirements of a variety of working conditions through quick-change different attachments.

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