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        Jiangsu Shangqi Heavy Industry Technology CO.,LTD.

        Enterprise culture

        Enterprise culture is the soul of enterprise development, inheriting the enterprise value orientation and behavior standard, embodies the common faith and the overall force of the enterprise, inspire the staff's career pursuit and passion, driving the increasingly prosperous and sustainable development of the enterprise.

        Company Philosophy


        The integrity of today is tomorrow's market and the profit of the day after tomorrow. We will keep innovation spirit forever, forge ahead with great passion; keep entrepreneurial spirit, down-to-earth, hard struggle. Through our unremitting efforts, does the Shangqi value idea: To create opportunities for employees, create value for customers, creating benefits for the company, create wealth for the society.

        Management Idea

        Continuously to create a comprehensive advantage product of quality, service and cost is the source of competitive advantage which belong to Shangqi, constantly cultivate loyal customers is the foundation of development, improve the staff's professional literacy is inexhaustible driving force of Shangqi sustainable development.

        Customer Focus
        Customers focused, keen insight and dig deeper into the potential requirement of customers, to implement the active adaptation and effective guidance to the demand of customer.

        Take the customer as the center, adhere to create value for customers, providing high quality products and high standards of service, casting the best customer experience.

        Implement humanized management, maximize mobilize staff enthusiasm, initiative and creativity. Concerned about the staff grow, and build up successful stage; Caring staff life, build a harmonious happy home.

        Decision-making Notion: Science Democracy Team Rational
        Follow the rule, Brainstorming, Collective intelligence, Bowing Before the Storm

        Partnering Philosophy: Good faith, Friendly, Win-Win, Permanent
        Sincerely polished, Friendly cooperation, Mutual benefit and double win, Joint development

        Staff spirit: Contribute, Tough, Forge ahead, Professional, Integrity
        The one pay out harvest, the one suffering get progress, the one struggle grow up, the one innovate will be outstanding, the one promise fulfill.