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        Jiangsu Shangqi Heavy Industry Technology CO.,LTD.

        After-sale Service

        Service concept: Shangqi service of best honesty

        Best honesty leads to permanent cooperation. We’ll provide reliable service for you with our sincerely heart. We can go further because of your trust! Shangqi After-sale Service commit to every customer of timely response and quickly maintenance.

        Service advantages: Good channel control ability, caring sincere and effective communication, timely and thoughtful after-sales service, variety complete spare parts supply, professional and efficient operation team. If you need any advice, assistance, complaints or other help, you can log in via on line of Shangqi website service zone, special product search query service or online message to us.We will wholeheartedly provide you quick and thoughtful service! You can also call the fast order and service hotline: 400-6363-889. Our professional customer service staff will provide you quick and accurate response.

        Service commitment

        Pre-sales support

        ● To provide professional consulting services for you for free, for a variety of solutions for your choice, recommend the most suitable products for you:
        ● To provide you with the selection of products according to your requirements, if necessary, we can design and manufacture special products have special requirements of non-standard configuration;
        ● Shangqi welcome users to accept the technical training, familiar with the purchased type structure, the principle, adjusting and maintenance knowledge.

        Sale support

        ● Quote information to provide you with products and services, to provide products and services order status and negotiate revised quotation with detail for each order.
        ● When users are in the process of lift machine, we will provide you training machine operation and maintenance of knowledge, answer user questions are put forward.
        ● We will provide a series of product delivery and the mode of transportation for you to choose, make sure before the date of delivery can make no trouble back at home.

        After-sales support

        ● Provide free professional operation training after new machines are sold;
        ● Service engineers to reflect user information in a timely manner to study the treatment scheme and to give feedback reply;
        ● According to customer requirements for you to come check the running status of equipment, to guide the operator maintenance;
        ● Establish useful file for you to create your perfect products.